Vocoda’s AI Voice Co-hosts the Dutch Creativity Awards

Last Wednesday evening, the Dutch creative industry gathered to celebrate the annual ADCN Awards, recognising outstanding achievements in creativity. For the first time in its history, the ceremony featured a blend of human charm and artificial intelligence. 

The idea was sparked when ADCN approached Vocoda, intrigued by its ethical AI model, to explore a fresh, innovative way to host the annual event. Vocoda was introduced as the co-host of the event, seamlessly integrating digital voices with the evening’s live presenters. 

Diederik Veelo, CIO at Ambassadors and Founder of Vocoda, shared his enthusiasm about the partnership, “The voice was created based on a brief to have it fit in combination with the voices of the presenters on stage, sound international, yet distinct and carry the right dose of energy in delivering its message. Utilising Vocoda in a novel way was a proud moment for our team and added a fun layer to the event.”

Denise Willigers, Managing Director at ADCN, commented on the success of the collaboration, “Ambassadors mentioned a couple of months ago that they were working on an AI technology that would make synthetic speech sound realistic. Using Vocoda enabled us to create a new voice that would contrast our hosts and be consistent throughout the night.”

Technically, this digital voice can now be used for a variety of other purposes, such as narrating content for the ADCN website or any follow-up social media posts, without the need to coordinate schedules with a specific voice-over artist. Offering this flexibility is one of the advantages of using AI voices, and Vocoda's approach ensures the usage is always in agreement with the involved voice-over artists.

As the ADCN Awards Ceremony demonstrated, when technology and creativity collide, the results are not only innovative but also truly inspiring and fun.