Borre’s Vision

  • Colour Grading
  • Edit

“Borre’s” vision is a mini-documentary by Johan Kramer that delves into the visionary journey of Borre Akkersdijk. The film had its debut during the Dutch Design Week 2024, offering a glimpse into the driving force and inspiration behind Borre's work.

Borre, the creative mind behind BYBORRE, an Amsterdam-based textile innovation studio, has melded technology and traditional craftsmanship to revolutionize the textile industry, ensuring its sustainability for the future.

Our team was thrilled to be a part of this inspiring project, collaborating closely with director Johan Kramer to handle the editing and color grading. In this collaborative effort, our goal was not only to align the edit and grade with the overall vision but also to convey the distinctive personality of Borre himself.

The significance of the editing was in seamless connection to the project's overarching vision, all the while highlighting Borre’s personality. As for the color grading, we brought together a blend of creative elements, intertwining black and white with vibrant colors. Even though the original footage was not initially captured in black and white, another technique was applied – a red filter was introduced to the lens, momentarily rendering the shots monochromatic before they were transformed into a unique and stylish black and white aesthetic.