Coloured Denim

  • Design & Animation
  • Visual Effects & 3D

The latest G-Star RAW ‘Colored Denim’ campaign features the famous musical duo Sofi Tukker performing their hit song “Summer in New York” while being portrayed as murals in New York. Directed by Nina Aaldering for The Family Amsterdam and produced by Cake Film & Photography, our VFX and design team brought these epic murals to life.

During this project, we provided input on how to shoot talent for the best result and worked closely with Nina Aaldering and The Family to experiment with different styles and palettes of NYC murals and street art. Making digital images look like paintings is not always convincing, and that was our biggest challenge. The goal was that it shouldn’t look like a video on the wall but that the mural was coming to life. In order to overcome this challenge, our team researched different unique qualities and techniques, from the drip and overspray of stencils to the paint-by-numbers brushstrokes that make these artworks authentic.

On top of our design and VFX capabilities, we also developed new AI-powered tools/workflows that helped us with a few tricky shots by breaking down our digitally painted footage into many tiny pieces, which were assembled in the remaining video frames. Our partnerAmp.Amsterdam // The Sonic Branding Company was also involved in this project by creating the sound design.

Yet again, it was another great collaboration with The Family Amsterdam, and also great to work together with Sofi Tukker.