• Design & Animation
  • Music
  • Sound Design
  • Visual Effects & 3D

“Houston, we have a p – aaaaaarty”

Ever wondered what kind of world would open up to you post-lottery win? Eurojackpot takes us on an unforgettable out-of-this-world space party with one fortunate victor and his friends. Created by TBWA\Neboko and produced by HazazaH, Ambassadors was brought in as VFX partner to craft a spaceship complete with interior, designed entirely in CG.

Our teams were involved in close collaboration with HazazaH’s set designers ahead of the shoot, studying spaceship aesthetics, movement, and light behavior in space for precise reflections. Making it as realistic as possible was both challenging but also fun to overcome.

With actors filmed floating on set with a blue screen, authenticity was critical in the CG. To achieve this we embedded tiny details throughout, such as blinking red lights, spaceship scratches, a laptop, tiny post-it notes, and even a flying pizza – each element playing a critical role in the realism of the spaceship. The launch scene was meticulously crafted to look realistic through right flames, a camera shake, reflection on the space helmets and even debris falling off like it would during a real launch.

The project was another great collaboration with our sound & music partner Amp.Amsterdam \\ The Sonic Branding Company. They handled music search and licensing of a well-known song that would later serve as a karaoke track in the film, and also ensured a cinematic intro score to accentuate the space launch. Sound design was an important element used to enhance key moments in the film. By alternating between epic music, sound design and dramatic silence, the film’s comedic aspect was elevated.