• Visual Effects & 3D
  • Design & Animation

Who doesn’t enjoy the combination of vulnerability, comedy and relatable scenarios? Everybody would like to think they have an internal voice of reason that helps to guide us through life's obstacles. This is what Independer considered with their latest campaign, “Hoofdpersoontje” - bringing your internal never-ending debate to life.

Produced by Wolfstreet, Ambassadors was brought in as a post production partner for CG, VFX, animation and colour grade to create and bring the characters to life, along with Amp.Amsterdam for the sound design and recording the ‘hoofdpersoontje’ character. The brief was to figure out how to bring these inner voices to life. Our teams made it happen in the form of imaginative characters, perched on the shoulders of their respective actors. It was a fun experience creating the live interaction between the actors and their inner selves.

“Energie Uitknopje”
In this first film, we meet Emma, a modern, energetic mother with a career and life of her own who has to navigate how to deal with her sustainable energy issues. Keep your eyes peeled for two more sequels featuring Mark, the family man tangled up in car insurance, & Joey, the young and clumsy soul tackling health insurance.