Make Everybody Happy

  • Colour Grading
  • Visual Effects & 3D

How would you spend your jackpot win? For EuroMillions winner Paul, it’s about doing ridiculously nice things for his human and doggy friends.

From surprising his scout team with a pop-up castle to installing a roller coaster that cuts out traffic jams for fellow commuters, nothing is too outrageous. We were on set in South Africa and later integrated VFX into live-action to show the larger-than-life nature of Paul’s EuroMillions spending.

Will Jeffers, Head of Visual Effects, Ambassadors: “We’ve all dreamt of what we’d do if we won the lottery, so it was fun bringing these wild ideas to life in VFX. How do you grow a pop-up tent into a full-blown castle? And combine drone footage with a CG rollercoaster? These were all questions we had to answer in creating this wonderful world of wins.”