Culers del Món

  • Visual Effects & 3D

Global FC Barcelona fans, affectionately known as 'Culers,' are united by the same red and blue blood coursing through their veins. But this time when the iconic FC Barcelona anthem ‘Cant del Barça’ plays, it signifies more than just the pride of dedicated fans. It also signals the drop of Patta x Nike gear for the club - Patta’s take on the iconic Blaugrana kit. HALAL’s Director Paul Geusebroek had a special vision: a film that celebrates FCB fans from all corners of the globe, capturing that electric buzz and pure passion the club stirs in its supporters.

Ambassadors was privileged to join this creative journey from its inception, with Creative VFX Supervisor / Director, Stijn Waterman and Executive Creative Director, Justin Blyth working closely with Paul to capture this vision. The result? A high impact, thrilling journey around the world and into the human body.

The vision from the outset was to create authenticity, capturing the raw energy that Barcelona Football gets your blood pumping and adrenaline flowing. To achieve this, and to keep things from getting too "medical," Stijn’s vision was to incorporate ethereal-looking clouds and twinkling stars into the opening CG shot of the beating heart. Throughout the film our CG teams crafted every detail, vividly portraying the fans' blue and red veins in a variety of mesmerising ways.