Believe in luck

  • Visual Effects & 3D
  • Colour Grading

At the core of the State Lottery's New Year's Eve campaign is a simple yet powerful message: love surpasses all, even the allure of a thirty-million-dollar win. The commercial takes an interesting turn as a man unexpectedly ventures through time, catching a heartfelt glimpse of his future. Faced with a decisive moment — choosing between the lottery ticket in hand and the warmth of love — his decision is swift and resolute.

Ambassadors once again was brought on board as VFX partner, navigating a script with detailed CGI needs and the final touch of cinematic color grading. Our task was not only to create the intriguing cryptex itself but to breathe life into the world within the cryptex, unveiling its visual secrets. From enchanting backgrounds to gravity-defying mirrors, all complemented by our color grading, our dedicated teams made every detail count.