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  • Live Action
  • Design & Animation
  • Music
  • Sound Design
  • Visual Effects & 3D

Veloretti is known for its timeless city bikes spotted all along the canals of Amsterdam. For the launch of their first-ever e-bike packing the punch of a connected bike into a sleek, classical frame, they wanted a brand identity and campaign to showcase its product innovation in a pared-back, elegant way. This wasn’t about appealing to gadget-loving guys, but city commuters looking to travel light, ride fast, and do it in style.

Ambassadors came on board to develop the e-bike’s brand identity and creative campaign from start to finish. Further to the creative production of the completely CG-animated teaser and campaign films, Ambassadors was the creative partner responsible for elements such as campaign concept and designing both the in-store and online experience for the e-bike.

Lockdown measures impacted the production of the bike and the originally planned live shoot, so a switch to CG allowed Veloretti to still achieve a showroom, lifestyle-shoot feeling while still showcasing the sleek product features in a punchy, satisfying-to-watch way.

Working alongside the VFX and design teams, Ambassadors also worked on sound design and composed the film’s original score, with a focus on building a strong crescendo without sounding expected.

Ferry Zonder, Founder, Veloretti: “With our all-new Veloretti e-bike, we want to pack all the punch of a fully connected model into our distinctive and timeless design philosophy. The bike has all the features to become the next big thing in city commuting. Ambassadors really understood and embraced that vision to create an identity and campaign that shows the product’s feature in a smart, stylish, and playful way.”

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