Sultans of the Air

  • Visual Effects & 3D
  • Colour Grading
  • Music
  • Sound Design
  • Edit
  • Design & Animation

For Dyson’s latest EMEA campaign, “Sultans of the Air,” starring Türkiye’s National Women’s Volleyball Team, Ambassadors was brought in as a full creative production partner, handling production and post-production, including shoot coordination, visual effects, colour grading, music and sound design, and photography.

For this campaign, our team blended the precision engineering of Dyson’s design with the energy and style of the athletes. We delved into the technology behind Dyson's world-class products while capturing the power and style of theTürkiye’s National Women’s Volleyball Team, affectionately known as the “Sultans.” On set, we collaborated closely with film director Billy Pols and photographer Stephanie Pistel to explore the seamless transfer of energy between product and player.

Collaborating with the talented Türkiye’s National Women’s Volleyball Team has been an inspiring experience, resulting in a campaign that celebrates beauty and athleticism while embodying the spirit of innovation and teamwork as well as cutting-edge technology.