Legacy of Verse

  • Colour Grading
  • Visual Effects & 3D
  • Brand : GMC

We once again teamed up with director Nico Kreis in a new campaign by FP7 McCann to launch GMC’s all-new Yukon. This spot was all about harnessing the power of light to tell a story with beauty, soul, and poetry, and the desert and city landscape of Dubai at night served as a stunning starting point for visual effects.

One key aspect of our brief was to create a light effect coming from the night sky that would write verses from Arabic poetry. The CG calligraphy would act as a guide throughout the film, weaving through almost every shot.

“Of course light effects don’t just exist by themselves, but they light up the environment and show in reflections,” says VFX supervisor Sil Bulterman. “To help create the effect on set, we had a light drone follow the car to create contact-lighting on the environment. We later replaced the drone in post with the light streaks and calligraphy.”

Before the shoot, the Ambassadors team pre-produced a library of light effects, which were later projected on a large LED wall on a soundstage to give realistic animated reflections on the car and talents. Ambassadors also filmed driving background plates and projected them on the LED wall, which helped create most interior shots of the car in camera.

VFX Breakdown