Colour Grading

Introducing our dynamic duo of colorists, with an impressive 35 years of combined experience in the vibrant world of color grading. Hailing from opposite ends of the globe, their diverse backgrounds and global perspectives infuse a unique richness into every project they touch. Meet Amy, a meticulous perfectionist known for their keen attention to detail. With a passion for storytelling through color, Amy possesses the rare ability to evoke emotion and enhance narratives through their craft. Having worked with brands & artists such as Fila, Gatorade, Nike, Samsung, and Sevdaliza, clients appreciate Amy’s commitment to precision, ensuring that every frame tells a compelling story with a vivid and captivating palette. On the other side of the spectrum, we have Scott. A color artist who seamlessly blends technical expertise with an unmatched creative flair. With a track record of transforming any visuals into extraordinary spectacles, Scott brings a wealth of experience to the table, working with brands such as Coca Cola, Nike, Samsung, Adidas, Booking. His ability to push the boundaries of color and light knows no bounds, making them a go-to expert for clients seeking innovative and visually striking results. Despite their differing approaches, together, Amy and Scott form a powerhouse team that can tackle any project with unparalleled creativity. From commercials to feature films, music videos to documentaries, nothing is out of their reach. Collaborate with our seasoned colorists, and elevate your visual content to new heights, where innovation and imagination converge in a symphony of color.   Amy BesateInstagram

Scott HarrisInstagram