Cube Creative Workflow

Built within Ambassadors, Cube Creative Workflow makes delivering creative projects faster and easier.

Get projects out faster. Spend more time creating.

Don’t waste time and talent on messy workflows.

Centralise and simplify with Cube so you can focus on delivering the best possible work.


Built by creatives, for creatives.

  • Reviews in real-time, in-browser

    With just a link, clients and colleagues can view work on the spot, on desktop or mobile without downloading a thing. Markups and feedback can be left directly on files, removing any guesswork about edits, and making review cycles shorter.

  • Direct export to media

    Stay in control and send files straight to the platforms they need to be on. Cut out unnecessary extra steps and deliver ads directly to TV broadcast (NL), Meta Ads Manager and YouTube in just a few clicks.

  • Usage rights and reminders

    Add all the key details to files on licensing and buyout agreements, and get notified when contracts expire. Keep track of usage rights with automated reminders and avoid important information slipping through the cracks.

Save time, budget and creative headspace.

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